About Multibond

The No.1 Adhesive Brand in Sri Lanka

Our diversification in the 1960’s played an important role in our growth. A major breakthrough was the setting up of our industrial adhesive plant. Being the first to manufacture such products in Sri Lanka. We have firmly established and consolidated our position as the market leader in the field of adhesive, with our flagship brand Multibond.

Multibond has a wide range of industrial and consumer adhesive which includes Chloroprane Rubber (CR) contact adhesive, Chloroprene Rubber (CR) grafted adhesive, Epoxy Resin two part adhesive, Cyanoacrilates, Sealants and host of other consumer adhesive for use at home, office and school.

Within the bonding solution sector, we represent many international brands to complement our product range, which comprises EVO-STICK of Evode Ltd-UK, Dampfix A.S.A – Indonesia, Le-mon of affluent Cycle industrial Sdn Bhn-Malaysia.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. We are dedicated to delighting our customers by consistently delivering ‘Multibond’ brand adhesives that meet and exceed their expectations. This commitment is upheld through the use of cutting-edge, innovative technology and the implementation of a robust ISO 9001-based Quality Management System.

We recognize that our greatest asset is our team of well-trained and dedicated professionals. Our employees work in a culture of continual improvement, where their contributions are valued and admired. They play a vital role in satisfying applicable requirements, driving the growth of our company, and advancing our position as a leader in the industry, to ensure that our quality standards remain at the forefront, we conduct consistent reviews of our quality policy, keeping it in alignment with dynamic industrial changes. We also actively assess revenue growth opportunities and monitor market dynamics, allowing us to adapt swiftly and proactively to emerging trends and customer needs.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and it drives us towards excellence in the adhesive industry.

Chairman's Message

It has been my privilege to steer the destiny of the group in the last five decades, since the mantle of leadership was thrust on me, with the untimely demise of our founder, my late brother, Mr M.A.C Mukthar, With the spirit of the founder, who was an entrepreneur of distinction, the Group has weathered many storms and achieved excellent progress with many accolades to its credit. Our brands Multibond and Sinwa are leading household names in Sri Lanka and overseas. The confidence placed by our customers, whose expectation we have consistently exceeded, has given is this privileged position.

The force behind the success achieved, has been the dedicated and dynamic member of the Sinwa Team who are committed to achieve excellence through continuous improvement. With the strategic position of Sri Lanka in the South Asian region, the Group is poised to breach its boundaries and to exploit the evolving opportunities through appropriate strategies to fulfill our vision as a regionally active group of companies.

N. Nazier Cader
Sinwa Holdings Group